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Our Team is comprised of distinguished men and women from various sectors including but not limited to: technologies, finance, law enforcement and government.















Angelo Viard

President/Chief Executive Officer


Angelo is a season servant with more than twenty-two years of experience in international business development & management, information communication technologies, government relations, intelligence, diplomatic relations, compliance rules and regulations, risk mitigation, and risk management.

He held various positions as President/CEO of Sono Global Holdings, Resource Générale Corporation, VCS Mining, Inc, Technology Mondial, VACS Group, Inc.; served as Board of Director of Morgan Creek Energy, Mainland Resources, Geneva Resources, Alaska Gold; he also served as IT Management for various companies...

Outside of his general businesses, he assists and support various law enforcement agencies group with advisory services, human behavior analysis, data analytics; very dedicated to help rescue children and women from exploitation and abuse.



Paul Hignett

Chief Technology Officer


With over 15 years of experience in the field of DoD Intelligence, specializing primarily in counterintelligence and targeting, Paul has honed his expertise as a Data Scientist/Engineer. His core responsibilities have revolved around alternative data acquisition, with a significant focus on ICEWS Development Operations and capability integration. He has had the privilege of presenting potential architecture solutions to create logic frontiers and develop autonomous scripts for the purpose of scraping and retrieving data from various sources, including publicly available databases and social media platforms.

One of Paul's notable contributions was assisting the NGA Pathfinder initiative by meticulously mapping the open DPRK network topology. This effort aimed to visualize intra-state networks in relation to external networks, contributing valuable insights to the intelligence landscape.

In addition to his extensive experience, Paul possesses a range of specializations that include proficiency in Linux, Metasploit (Armitage), BeEF (Browser Exploitation Framework), Burp Suite, Wireshark, Maltego and Casefile, Vorteks, IN-spire, ELK, Snort, Cowrie, Kippo, Artillery, and Honey Badger. His development skills extend to Python, R language (Rstudio), and Perl.

Paul's commitment to continuous learning and professional growth is underscored by his dedication to the field, and he is equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel in the dynamic realm of Data Science and Engineering.


Rob Sarver

Chief Strategic Officer


Rob  graduated from the United States Naval Academy (USNA) with a B.S. in Oceanography. Upon graduating from USNA, he first served as a Surface Warfare Officer completing two counter-narcotic deployments to South America and Southeast Asia and one deployment to support Operation Iraqi Freedom before being selected to attend the Navy SEAL’s training program. As a Navy SEAL, assigned to SEAL Team THREE, he completed two additional combat deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom and two combat deployments in Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.


After nine years of military service, he participated in Goldman Sachs’s Veterans Integration Program (VIP) and moved to Dallas, Texas to work for Goldman Sachs’s Realty Management Division. While at Goldman Sachs, he helped manage the firm’s $740mm residential mortgage portfolio. He also managed the client onboarding process and oversaw client relations for the purchase and securitization of jumbo prime portfolios.


In 2018, he joined Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTS) as an Associate Vice President and Client Partner to CTS’s largest client, JPMorgan Chase. He managed a $120mm P&L and oversaw 650-associates, responsible for managing the entire technology stack for Consumer and Community Banking. Today, he serves as a director for an asset management firm. He holds an M.B.A. from University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.


Nick Goracy

Chief of Staff


Following graduating from Georgetown University's American Studies Program, N.G. earned an M.A. in Global Security Studies from Johns Hopkins University. His capstone research explored the impact of social media on recruitment performed by radical terrorist groups targeting American citizens,  uncovering mission readiness and efficacy of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s Special Operational Force (NATO SOF).


During his graduate studies, N.G. worked alongside renowned Middle Eastern scholar, Jim Phillips, at The Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C. With Philips, he helped develop critical information packages that would be presented to members of Congress, the Executive Branch, and USSOCOM leadership.


Nick. then worked for Nisos Group, a collection of former DoD umbrella operatives designated to provide bespoke intelligence operations to Fortune 500 companies and high net worth individuals. In addition to assembling targeting packages alongside former Special Operations Officers, driving engagement, he supported capital-raising efforts in Nisos Group’s infancy. Nisos has since become nationally recognized as a premier intelligence service.

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